Teste de Nível - Inglês Cambridge

Teste de escolha múltipla. No final será apresentado o resultado do nível de conhecimento com base no QECRL (Quadro Europeu Comum de Referência para as Línguas).
Bom teste!

1. The Stone spheres in Costa Rica are one most mysterious archaeological discoveries ______

  in time.

  to date.

  long time.


2. ______ I don't think I can ever forget, am willing to move forward in our relationship.





3. He ______ two large bags with all the things he needed for the weekend.





4. ______ Logan and Kyra were born in London.


  The two



5. Vanessa loves making macrame in her spare time. In the future, she hopes that she can ______ some money from her hobby.





6. We can pretend to be who we want to be when we are among perfect ______





7. ______ is even more surprising is that you have never realised this before!





8. I prefer to live on the ______ floors of buildings.





9. ______ all efforts, the fire brigade could not arrive in time.





10. Make sure you ______ carefully the oil level on your before the trip.





11. He was a very good manager and ______ was not long before he opened his first business.





12. The river was frozen, but the ice was too ______ to walk on.





13. Anna got first ______ at a Karate competition last week.





14. As soon as I got my first car, I started driving it to work ______ of taking the bus.


  and not



15. The workshop on Self-care strongly ______ the importance of going to bed early.





16. The singer said he was overjoyed to see the stadium ______ full of fans.





17. The story has to be very engaging and ______ an impact on the reader.





18. Seeing that you don´t ______ other people to taste your food, you will not taste mine.





19. Peter slept until 11 a.m. that morning, but it didn’t ______ because it wasn’t a workday.





20. As I grew up, I realised that my parents have been ______ all along.





21. She ______ a lot of money on jewellery.





22. According to a recent survey, one in ______ two students plan to be financially independent within three years.





23. She ______ ballet once, but she didn’t enjoy it at all.





24. The vast majority of people who ______ in the survey are part of the student body.





25. Tom always ______ for his classes the night before.




  is getting ready

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